I went to every store I could think of. Department, thrift, furniture, home goods, and everywhere online and looked at 2,000+ photos of bedspreads and I couldn’t find one I liked.

Here are a some of the comforters I actually bought and didn’t like for various reasons.

I wanted the following criteria:

1. Cream/white color

2. Texture of some kind – NOT printed on

3. Not a pattern like flowers or squares. – Filigree was ok.

I didn’t think it was a very long list. But I couldn’t find those criteria anywhere. I bought and returned about 10 comforters before finding this one (I didn’t pay nearly full price for it):

Macy’s Hotel Collection Woven Duvet

It is strip-ey with white, cream, and silver it was also woven not printed. Which made it perfect.

Comforter Fabric Close Up

Just one problem. It was HUGE. I would have bought a twin size for my full mattress if they had it. They didn’t. So I got the full/queen which is still huge on the queen. But I have a full mattress so it made it even bigger.

Yes the photo is blurry. I didn’t think I would need a good photo of this to put online for everyone to see.

I let it drag on the floor on one side. Then it became summer and I put it away for a cooler blanket.

I recently got it back out and decided that I wanted to cut it down to the size I wanted.

But I realized I wanted the duvet cover instead so I wouldn’t have to cut the duvet inside. And it made for easy washing.

It must have driven other people crazy at my “specificness” as I like to call it – others may say I am “picky”. All my life I have wanted things that just weren’t offered because they weren’t what most consumers wanted. Such as my Red Sheets story to come later. So I had to make due and customize many of my items and clothes.

I measured, and checked, and talked about it, and thought about it. and checked again, and then I finally decided. And after everything was said and done, I decided I should’ve added a few more inches. About 3 inches to be exact. Which at the last minute I decided to cut off.


I taped it to make sure I cut in a straight line.

I started by seam ripping to take the piping so I could sew it back on. It took me about an hour and a half.

The cat wanted to help.

The sewing didn’t take very long at all which was nice. And you can barely tell that it was cut at all.

Before and after.

I think it turned out well. I wish, as I said, that I had added a few extra inches so it would bend downward rather than sticking out. But you live and you learn.

Why I cut it so short rather than just making it so it doesn’t touch the ground you ask?  I sleep with my feet outside the covers so I don’t want to struggle to move.

I got the twin duvet insert from Amazon. I had to get a twin and a queen and make them fit together to get what I wanted. Yes, I do feel like Goldilocks.

I feel like it looks so much better. And I definitely sleep better at night. It feels like a weight is lifted off me. 😉

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