When I bought my condo I thought this room would be able to fit two couches.

Just after I closed on the condo I snapped this picture.

And it did fit.

The only living room pic I have with the 2 couches.

Until we had to move the chaise from the office to the living room because we got a renter. Then things got tight.

3 couches in 1 small space.

It doesn’t look like its all that cramped but I assure you it is. You can see the big couch is up against the media center. And the chaise is touching the edge of the wall. And the love seat is pushed up to the chaise to get as much walk way as possible. It looks like a really big sectional.

I got all 3 couches for $50 plus a $10 tip for shipping and the coffee table for $8 (50% off $16 at Goodwill.). The coffee table was unreasonably high so Robert sawed off the legs to the correct height.

I really liked the couches and especially the chaise when I bought them but they are really big in the space. Especially since the arms of the couches are round and come out past the actual usable space.

As you can see the arms overhang.

Robert and I both hate the big couch. Though currently one of Robert’s friends has been sleeping on that couch (hence why we couldn’t get rid of it before.)

I was binge surfing Craigslist and OfferUp and I found this Pottery Barn chair on Craigslist for $40. I “asked” Robert if I could get it but really I was saying “hey look at what I’m getting, isn’t it cool?!”

Yes that is OfferUp on my laptop looking at more things. And the chair is in the bedroom while the Tetris in the living room ensued.

I messaged the people and they said I could come get it. I got there and they also offered their couch for $100. The chair didn’t fit in the car and the couch definitely wouldn’t. So I had to go to plan B.


Robert’s work friend (who I actually happened to randomly know) had a truck and brought them home after work. It actually worked out super fast and relatively easy.

I decided I wanted the couch too so it would match. And then we could get rid of the other set as a group.

After getting it home I realized it was really big. I wish it was love seat size but I can work around that. In fact it is 1 inch longer than the current big couch. But it is 6 inches thinner which will be a big help. And the arms are sleeker which will make the room look cleaner.

Side by side you can really see the difference.

This is currently what the living room looks like. A big game of Tetris.


It looks like theater seating. But worse leg room than an airplane. And then it gets worse (or in my opinion better because I have more furniture.)

Read Parts 2 and 3.

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