I love sitting with my feet up so I wanted an ottoman or footstool for my new chair. And then my second new chair (post coming soon). I couldn’t find any I liked and I thought I would have to search for a while to find what I wanted.

Turns out I found the footstool along with a second new chair and wedding dress the next day (no, I am not engaged. It fit like a glove and was $15 so I got it. Retail $700.).

The legs are cabriole which I like but the top was ugly green-ish and stained and lumpy. BUT it was only $4. And the batting I also found there was $1.

Ugly right?

I recently cut up my comforter and I had fabric left over so I used that.

See how I cut up my comforter here.

I did the same thing with the ottoman as I did with my vanity chair and reupholstered it.

Turns out there was another layer which happened to be the  exact same as one my mom used to own.


And here is the finished product!

A vast improvement.

I put it with my second new chair.

Super happy to put my feet up.


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