Messy to Organized Shoe Shelves

I had been hating my current shoe shelves:

Forgot to take a before pic so I put the shoe racks back after “we” put the brackets up.

It looked like a mess and my shoes kept falling off. And they were always in the way. And it was frustrating since I couldn’t access all of them.

Not to mention that the spaces are all the same height so it is difficult to add my boots. I did take out a few of the rods and then they fit but then it looked weird. Also the heels kept catching the rods so I would have to turn them sideways.

I previously had one that looked like this but it broke because of the weight. The plastic on the bottom folded in and the entire rack tilted like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. But I did take a few rods out and that worked well.

The only old pic I have just after I moved in.

I considered buying another shoe rack like it but they were expensive and none were as “industrial” as I had wanted.

So then I went to Pinterest and I found this:

Pinterest floating shelves

I loved how clean and organized it was. The only thing I didn’t like was how thick the shelves were. I know floating shelves need to be wider to accommodate hiding the bracket but I didn’t like it.

I had 43 inches of shoe space between the dresser and the men’s dressing valet. Which meant I wanted 42 inches of shelf so I could maximize the space. Unfortunately they only sell shelves by the foot. 24, 36, and 48 inches. I looked everywhere and thought about cutting them but the laminate would have broken.

I also looked at floating shelves at Home Depot and online at Ikea (which happened to be the 42 inches I wanted.) but they were 1. expensive per shelf and I needed at least 6, and 2. I still didn’t like the thickness.

I decided I wanted to get the 36 inch shelves with the cheapest brackets I could find. The total was about $60 and the hard work of Robert to put up.

Here it is part of the way done.

They only had 8 brackets not 12 so I had to put the project on hold for a dance convention until I could go to a different store to get more.

And the finished product!


You can see the spaces spaced out to fit the boots vs. the heels. I like the variation.

Bonus tip: Add a cut pool noodle to your boots to get them to stand straight. They have different thicknesses depending on the width of your boot.

Boot Tip E.png

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