This is what the living room looked like.


I  lowered the price on the couches to $225 and then again to $175. I just wanted them gone. I didn’t mind if I net $0. I bought the Couches for $60, and the coffee table for $8. I really just wanted to sell it for $75.

So many people on Offer Up and Craigslist kept “offering” $150 and I said yes to everyone. Come, come get them! But there was no response.

I had people coming at 9pm and never showed then I had some people coming at 11am and they never came. I just want to tell people. Come take it. Enjoy it.

If they offer $150 I get nearly 3x what I bought it for and I don’t want to be greedy. I finally got someone to call me (Yah a real person!)

They came at 5pm but were about 45 minutes late. I was worried they wouldn’t come.

But he showed up and got it all in his van, gave me $150 and I am thrilled.

We put the living room together and it looks wonderful!


Bought the old couch set and coffee table for $68, sold for $150, and bought the new couch and chairs for $140. Net = $58 spent.

So far so good. The picture shows the side table and coffee table but that is a story for another post.

I also love pillows so I took the pillows from my bed and put them on the couch.


Super pretty.

Read Living Room Tetris Part 1 and Part 2 here.

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