Coffee Table from Craigslist at Midnight

First, I live about 20 minutes north of Seattle. During the whole Living Room Tetris Part 1, 2 and 3 I needed a new coffee table.

I searched through about 1,000+ photos and items for sale and I actually found this one:


It was beautiful and we went and saw it. I would have gotten it except the pattern was leaves rather than filigree. And unfortunately leaves are not the theme of what I am going for.

After I called my mom for the 2nd chair I kept looking on OfferUp and found this.


It was in Kent which is about 30 minutes south of Seattle. Which from my house was about 50 minutes.

We were already in Seattle at a friend’s house and would be leaving until about midnight. But this was even further South. So I didn’t want to have to drive all the way down when I could just drive half way. So I messaged the lady. She said we could come at 12:45 at night! Yes it was sketchy, but I had Robert with me and she was going to meet me outside her apartment complex.

I tried to put her at ease by talking about the traffic patterns and how its easier tonight rather than tomorrow day time. Hoping she would know that I wasn’t a serial killer.

We finally got home about 1:15. But by then I had all my lovely furniture. And it was $10, and it matched my Drexel side table and dresser. I was thrilled. Now if only we could sell the other couch set.

During the Tetris in the living room this table had to be left in the hallway.

I was beginning to take up every room in the house including non-rooms! But as you know from parts 1,2,3 of the Lving Room Tetris game we sold the couches and this is what it looks like now!

I think it fits in nicely.

It is so much nicer in size than the huge coffee table from before.

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