I started with this red dress for $5.


Then I purchased the sequin fabric and thread on sale for about $25.

So total cost of the dress was $30 minus lots of labor.

I had to drape the fabric on the dress and sew it to the dress so I had to hand stitch it all rather than the much faster way of using a sewing machine.

I draped it with muslin type fabric and cut it on the dress form then used it as my pattern.


Then I started hand sewing.

I also dyed my hair. Which was actually really scary since the color was so bright.


Here is the finished product!

Handmade and hand stitched. And permanently dyed hair.

And of course I had to have Roger Rabbit accompany me.


Roger’s outfit was also hand made. Overalls were dyed red, bow tie and ears were made and gloves, shoes and shirt were bought. And I also did his face make up complete with whiskers, a red nose, and a kiss from Jessica.

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