Post-Election Cat Photos

No matter whose side you are on, last night was stressful. So, instead of more politics, I thought I would share about my cat Maia.


She is a tortoiseshell cat due to her coloring on her face, paws, and tail. This means she has “tortitude” and therefore is the “redhead” of cats. It’s said that cats with this coloring have more attitude than other cats.

She is a very fluffy cream colored kitty. I don’t think she is a ragdoll but I really don’t know what she is. Anyone else know?

These two pictures are of Maia the day we got her and months after. She looks so much more comfortable and we feed her wet food (which is interestingly the same price as dry food) and her coat looks and feels so much better now.

You can see how much she was shedding when we got her. The vet said it was because of a new environment and being at the pet store etc.

We got Maia from Petco in Shoreline in collaboration with the Seattle Humane Society.

Now for some of her quirks:

She will sit on our clothes, isn’t interested in bags or climbing, refused to use her cat bed, and loves the blanket. I think the blanket reminds her of her mother.

She plays with the string toy and mouse toy (not pictured) and loves to be pet.

She is also funny.

Just chillin’ watching Netflix.

Maia is semi-photogenic (you have no idea how many pictures I have of her). She can be derp-y but as with most of us, she doesn’t want bad photos of her online.

And sometimes she is absolutely beautiful.

I call this her “glamour shot”.

And a few more pics just for good measure.

I hope this made your day better.

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