I am a Real Estate Agent and I have loved houses since I was little. My grandparent’s own a 1910 Craftsman in Oregon.



Top is the front of their house. Bottom is the “Red Room” that I typically stay in when I see them.

I was shopping at Goodwill with my mom and I saw a dollhouse. It was somewhere around $40. I didn’t get it but I was inspired. I HAD to have a dollhouse. So I started looking online. I found one on eBay about 40 minutes from where I live. There were a few bidders but we didn’t hit the minimum “threshold”. My max bid was $279 and the threshold I assume was $300. It was in serious need of a remodel.

Since I wasn’t the winning bid for this huge custom dollhouse, I found a few others but I found 2 on Craigslist for $30 total and got them. The problem was that I had to build them myself. This is what it looked like after I built the first dollhouse.20150901_114904

I was happy with it, but I kept thinking about that huge dollhouse that I really wanted to remodel.

Then I got an email. They asked me if I would buy it at the $279 price that I offered. I sat on it for a day then said YES! I had to have it.

So I had a friend go up with me and get it. I had to borrow another friend’s van to get it. The friend that came with me had a baby so you can see the car seat in the back. We had to tip it sideways (which was very scary since it was built in the 80s.)

I got it home and over the next few months I tore it apart.


Stay tuned for part 2!

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