This chair was at Goodwill for about $9. I went to my favorite GW for furniture and found this beautiful chair. Turns out all furniture was 30% off that day, so I scored it for $6 and change.

Of course, Maia wasted no time making herself comfortable.

It looks like original upholstery. Though the underside looks to have been re-done because it is in such good condition.

The old nails are still in it but someone may have reused them with new mesh/fabric. I’ll need to do more research.

I really loved the chair since it matched with my other 2 chairs in the bedroom.

I did notice the large chunk out of the top left of the chair back. Which is unfortunate. Maybe some day I can fill it in and stain it somehow.

I’m not ready for that since I want to really know what I’m doing before potentially ruining an antique piece.

I have not yet done my homework on the age of this piece. But I’m assuming 1920-40.

I currently have a few other projects going on.

1. Pride and Prejudice Halloween costumes/cosplay

2. A new dollhouse to remodel

3. Building a small dining table.

I decided I wanted a smaller dining table but couldn’t find any 20-24″ round pedestal tables, especially any antique ones, so I decided to build one myself.

So keep your out for those projects coming up!

Thank you to those who recently subscribed. I will hopefully be posting more.

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