A New Binge Blog

A Facebook friend of mine recently posted a review of a blog called McMansionHell.  I took one glance at it and knew I had to binge read. Basically it makes fun of huge houses where architects and builders ignore the rules of architecture and design. Instead they basically throw any and all design details onto … Continue reading A New Binge Blog

Office/Guest Room Rearranging

Continuing from the Office Closet Storage Post, the entire room had to be re-arranged. This is how it looked empty and moving in. I don't have a before photo of the re-arranging but you can see that the bed is where the chaise was and Robert's desk is on the left. You can see how … Continue reading Office/Guest Room Rearranging

Upholstering Another Antique Chair! :)

I love re-upholstering antique chairs. As much as I love keeping the original essence of each piece, often it is in need of repair or updating. I bought this antique needlepoint cushion chair for $9.99 at Value Village. The seat was falling out in the bottom a little bit. You can see the indent in … Continue reading Upholstering Another Antique Chair! 🙂