Buying MORE Furniture


I bought more furniture.

2 side tables, 4 chairs, and a headboard and footboard to be exact.

How does it all fit in the house you ask? Well, I sell some and move others.

But! In my defense, we did need the 4 dining chairs even though those were not what I was initially buying furniture for.

The company Antique or Unique is a online company who purchases antique and vintage wood furniture from individual parties and sells it online. This way he keeps his overhead low.

Which is exactly why I follow him on Facebook. So, on Saturday I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and I found this:


It was $50 and I had to have it. I asked Robert and he said yes so we drove 45 minutes one way.

It was the 1940’s mahogany with the same drawer pull as my coffee table and everything else in my house.

See, it matches.

I had decided it would replace the leather insert side table in the living room.


While I was looking at the drop-leaf table I saw this one right near it for $45.

14900511_1313417458700182_7393737900334074766_nAnd it matched even better. So I decided to get both and Robert would have the drop-leaf table as his new nightstand.


I told Robert on the drive there I could only get 2 things which is one more than we originally were going to the warehouse for. Unless we find dining chairs, then I could get 4 of those also.

So as we were checking out. I saw the chairs in the back and asked how much each one was. I was thinking also $30 or $40. BUT! He said all of his chairs were $15 each. I excused myself and went over to them.

We got 4.

They don’t have any cushion or upholstery (post coming later) so we are going to get fabric soon.


The small pumpkin is for the cat.

I ended up with exactly what Robert and I agreed on me being allowed to get. Though really, I would have gotten more if I saw more things I liked.

While we were there I saw a twin mahogany headboard and footboard for $125. Which I wanted to replace the brass one I had previously. (Free with the bed.)



Not very pretty since everything else I have is mahogany. But I had actually seen the exact same one (actually there were 2) at a thrift store where I live for $50. So the next day I went over and promptly bought it.


I think it looks beautiful. Full twin bed post coming later.

I love everything. All of it for $250 including the upholstery fabric and supplies. ūüôā


Living Room Tetris – Part 3

This is what the living room looked like.


I ¬†lowered the price on the couches to $225 and then again to $175. I just wanted them gone. I didn’t mind if I¬†net $0. I bought the Couches for $60, and the coffee table for $8. I really just wanted to sell it for $75.

So many people on Offer Up and Craigslist kept “offering” $150 and I said yes to everyone. Come, come get them! But there was no response.

I had people coming at 9pm and never showed then I had some people coming at 11am and they never came. I just want to tell people. Come take it. Enjoy it.

If they offer $150 I get nearly 3x what I bought it for and I don’t want to be greedy. I finally got someone to call me (Yah a real person!)

They came at 5pm but were about 45 minutes late. I was worried they wouldn’t come.

But he showed up and got it all in his van, gave me $150 and I am thrilled.

We put the living room together and it looks wonderful!


Bought the old couch set and coffee table for $68, sold for $150, and bought the new couch and chairs for $140. Net = $58 spent.

So far so good. The picture shows the side table and coffee table but that is a story for another post.

I also love pillows so I took the pillows from my bed and put them on the couch.


Super pretty.

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Living Room Tetris – Part 2

Could I stop at 3 couches and a chaise in the living room and a huge chair in the bedroom? Nope.

The next day we go to Goodwill to search for a stool (Stool reupholstery blog post here). And I found a few things. A stool, batting to reupholster the stool, a wedding dress.

AND, we found another chair…..

Really pretty right?!

But I left it there since I had JUST bought it. Robert and I went to a friend’s house but I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

It was $50 Bit it was also 50% off. So $25+tax. It was really comfy. And I liked the low arms. I also liked the tufted back rest.

But I already had one and I didn’t want to be difficult since Robert was so good about the whole couch Tetris situation. But I wanted it. But we wouldn’t be able to get back before tomorrow. I didn’t want it sold. I had to have it.

I called the store. I asked if I could buy it over the phone and hold it until tomorrow morning. They said no. And I asked if they would hold it for an hour. Again they said no.

So I did what anyone would do; I called my mom. And asked her to go get it. (And I didn’t have a car big enough to transport it¬†anyway.) Luckily she was free and went and¬†got it for me for my birthday and dropped it off in my living room in the only empty space that was left.

To sum up, I currently have:

  • The day old chair for $40
  • The day old couch for $100
  • The old couch set – Couch, love seat, chaise, coffee table
  • The dining table and 2 chairs
  • The media center and TV
  • And the new chair for $25 (free because it was a gift.)
  • (And the other new chair in the bedroom.)
The chair is currently behind the chaise next to the new couch. Right in the way of the walk way (bottom right of the picture out of frame.)

My entire old living room set is up for $250 on Craigslist and OfferUp. 2 people said they would come and never did. Also, multiple people would also offer 1/2 of what I posted it for. I responded instantly¬†“Yes I will take $150, when can you come?” but no answer so I assume they were bots of some sort.

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Reupholstering My Vanity Chair

Here is the story of how I reupholstered my vanity chair.

I got my beautiful antique vanity for $150 including the chair with what I believe is the original fabric. (Obviously the picture is when I first got it since it is completely covered in make up now.)
Antique vanity and chair

I have a beautiful bedspread and sheets and pillows.

Bedspread from Macy’s Hotel Collection Woven Duvet. And a million pillows.

Then I found a beautiful antique dresser (can you see a theme?).

From the 1940’s I believe. And in the left corner you can see my antique side table.

If everything else was perfect I might as well have my chair match my duvet and have it be a little more comfortable.

It cost me under $10 to reupholster. I already had the staple gun and staples otherwise it would have been about $20.

I went to JoAnn Fabrics in search of the perfect fabric…

L to R: 1. Too Geometric, 2. Beautiful but color and country, 3. Too much black, 4. Too plain.

And even more fabric.

L to R: 5. Too yellow, 6. Expensive but highly considered, 7. Too shiny and plain, 8. Embossed and looked too country and like a quilt.


I finally settled on one not pictured. Then I went to Hobby Lobby and got quilt batting and I was ready.

I wanted to leave the old fabric on since it may be original just in case I ever wanted to revert back.

I cut the batting to size, sewed the fabric edges and stapled the fabric top-bottom-side-side so it didn’t stretch weird.

This is the fabric I chose:


And…The finished product!


I think it turned out well. I feel like it looks much cleaner.

Thanks for reading!