Office/Guest Room Rearranging

Continuing from the Office Closet Storage Post, the entire room had to be re-arranged.

This is how it looked empty and moving in.

I don’t have a before photo of the re-arranging but you can see that the bed is where the chaise was and Robert’s desk is on the left.


You can see how full and packed it was.

We found out we were getting a renter as we were finishing up the closet.


So I knew we had to change the room around because it was just so crowded.

I also knew for a while that I was going to have to sell my wonderful desk. 😦 It was just too big for the condo and I knew that I needed to get a smaller desk.


I bought the large desk for $550 (including tax etc.) and I sold it for $300. Which is about half, but since we were going to have a renter we would more than make up what I bought it for.

I bought this smaller desk a few weeks ago for $50.


The legs were a bit wobbly but I thought I would be able to glue it or something.

Fun story, I finally put it together a week after I got it (since we were re-arranging it was easier to leave it taken down), and I hated it…

It’s really pretty. It just isn’t for me. So I sold it for $40. Which is $10 less than I got it for but it was worth it for the experience.

It’s actually for the better right now since we have a renter for the next 1-4 months and it gives more room in the office/guest room.

Here is what it looks like now.



We have gotten rid of some books, completely re-arranged the room, bought a dresser, (soon a mirror and a clothes hanger), and new bedding.

I was searching high and low (I went to 12 thrift stores in 2 days) for a duvet cover of any size I could cut down. (Post coming soon).

Also, the dresser post coming soon as well.

Upholstering Another Antique Chair! :)

I love re-upholstering antique chairs. As much as I love keeping the original essence of each piece, often it is in need of repair or updating.

I bought this antique needlepoint cushion chair for $9.99 at Value Village. The seat was falling out in the bottom a little bit.


You can see the indent in the middle of the chair. I started pealing back the layers. And there was so much dust. Robert said “I hope I don’t get the plague. There must be some disease hidden in the layers of dust.”


The main problem is that the woven straps had frayed and broken at the edges. I had wanted to keep the straps to use again. I went back and forth between wanting to be authentic and using modern materials to highlight the original beauty. So I opted to use new straps and staples as opposed the the original nails.

I was happier with this than I would have been washing the old straps for hours. And hopefully not getting the plague.


I then put 1.5(?) inch foam on top but I noticed that the straps sagged a little so I added 3 layers of batting just in the middle. Then I put batting over top all of that.

I was searching for the best fabric to showcase the wood. I contemplated a pattern or red but I thought it would look best with cream (of course). I also wanted it to be a little velvety/suede like.

Surprisingly I found the exact one I wanted very quickly.


I serger-ed the edges and stapled it on. I also found the trim I wanted fairly quickly as well. Again, I contemplated a contrasting shade but I didn’t like the 3 colors of the wood, trim, and fabric together.

Here is the finished product.

I think it looks a lot cleaner next to my vanity and other white chair.


I also kept the original purchase tag on the chair.



My New Furniture Quest! A Huge Mirror!

So…I found this while browsing OfferUp…

It is $250 and I messaged the guy 3 times. He hasn’t responded. 😦

So then I looked into other options (all at great prices.

I don’t like them nearly as much as the HUGE first one. I will have to keep trying.  But this is going in my small 2 bedroom condo. But I don’t care, I love mirrors and I can practice West Coast Swing.

Aren’t they pretty though? 🙂

The quest continues…



Upholstering My Antique Dining Chairs

My last post featured all the new furniture I bought. And among them was my 4 “new” dining chairs for $15 each.


Do you see a problem with them? Correct, it is not upholstered. But with $30 in foam and another $30 in fabric, the chairs cost a total of $120. I assume that when we sell them we can sell each for $30 at least and make back the cost of them.

While I love these and they are antique, my dream chairs are these or a variation of these:

Parsons Chairs

But each one of those is at least $90 and can be all the way up to $200. Which is too rich for my blood currently.

So, in the mean time I get to practice upholstering and doing projects.

I took Robert to JoAnn Fabrics and of course we looked at all of them and decided we only liked one. Which was custom order only. Of course. The funny part was it was the same price (and same 50% discount) as all the rest of the “regular” fabric. Just the inconvenience of shipping it.

Eaton Square. It doesn’t look like much here but it is cream with linen “lines”.

I couldn’t get the 1.5 yards I needed so I bought 2 yards instead. I will most likely use it for my “shoe chair” I also recently got at a thrift store.

I had to wait until after our dance convention to upholster them but I did asap. Side note, cutting foam is difficult.


You can see on the top right of the cushion that it had a few issues being cut. But it isn’t too noticable.

Here is the before and after.


I think they look really nice. And if we ever sell them I think they will be well received.

Here they are all finished and with the dining table.


Buying MORE Furniture


I bought more furniture.

2 side tables, 4 chairs, and a headboard and footboard to be exact.

How does it all fit in the house you ask? Well, I sell some and move others.

But! In my defense, we did need the 4 dining chairs even though those were not what I was initially buying furniture for.

The company Antique or Unique is a online company who purchases antique and vintage wood furniture from individual parties and sells it online. This way he keeps his overhead low.

Which is exactly why I follow him on Facebook. So, on Saturday I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and I found this:


It was $50 and I had to have it. I asked Robert and he said yes so we drove 45 minutes one way.

It was the 1940’s mahogany with the same drawer pull as my coffee table and everything else in my house.

See, it matches.

I had decided it would replace the leather insert side table in the living room.


While I was looking at the drop-leaf table I saw this one right near it for $45.

14900511_1313417458700182_7393737900334074766_nAnd it matched even better. So I decided to get both and Robert would have the drop-leaf table as his new nightstand.


I told Robert on the drive there I could only get 2 things which is one more than we originally were going to the warehouse for. Unless we find dining chairs, then I could get 4 of those also.

So as we were checking out. I saw the chairs in the back and asked how much each one was. I was thinking also $30 or $40. BUT! He said all of his chairs were $15 each. I excused myself and went over to them.

We got 4.

They don’t have any cushion or upholstery (post coming later) so we are going to get fabric soon.


The small pumpkin is for the cat.

I ended up with exactly what Robert and I agreed on me being allowed to get. Though really, I would have gotten more if I saw more things I liked.

While we were there I saw a twin mahogany headboard and footboard for $125. Which I wanted to replace the brass one I had previously. (Free with the bed.)



Not very pretty since everything else I have is mahogany. But I had actually seen the exact same one (actually there were 2) at a thrift store where I live for $50. So the next day I went over and promptly bought it.


I think it looks beautiful. Full twin bed post coming later.

I love everything. All of it for $250 including the upholstery fabric and supplies. 🙂


A Side Table In Need Of Love

After the Living Room Tetris was finished I found this side table for $5. The top is wood with a leather insert. It is water damaged and there is no stain or polyurethane on the wood. So it must be refinished.


I had to get it though. It was close (and about 8pm and dark outside) to where I lived so I said I could go get it right now. He was free.

I couldn’t believe I got this vintage side table for$5. Even though it does need a lot of work.

Currently it is being used as a side table and hopefully soon I will refinish it. So far I have been too busy (and broke) to get the tools needed to refinish it.

Coffee Table from Craigslist at Midnight

First, I live about 20 minutes north of Seattle. During the whole Living Room Tetris Part 1, 2 and 3 I needed a new coffee table.

I searched through about 1,000+ photos and items for sale and I actually found this one:


It was beautiful and we went and saw it. I would have gotten it except the pattern was leaves rather than filigree. And unfortunately leaves are not the theme of what I am going for.

After I called my mom for the 2nd chair I kept looking on OfferUp and found this.


It was in Kent which is about 30 minutes south of Seattle. Which from my house was about 50 minutes.

We were already in Seattle at a friend’s house and would be leaving until about midnight. But this was even further South. So I didn’t want to have to drive all the way down when I could just drive half way. So I messaged the lady. She said we could come at 12:45 at night! Yes it was sketchy, but I had Robert with me and she was going to meet me outside her apartment complex.

I tried to put her at ease by talking about the traffic patterns and how its easier tonight rather than tomorrow day time. Hoping she would know that I wasn’t a serial killer.

We finally got home about 1:15. But by then I had all my lovely furniture. And it was $10, and it matched my Drexel side table and dresser. I was thrilled. Now if only we could sell the other couch set.

During the Tetris in the living room this table had to be left in the hallway.

I was beginning to take up every room in the house including non-rooms! But as you know from parts 1,2,3 of the Lving Room Tetris game we sold the couches and this is what it looks like now!

I think it fits in nicely.

It is so much nicer in size than the huge coffee table from before.

Drexel Mahogany Dresser

When I moved into my condo I needed a new dresser. But I didn’t just want to go out to Target or Ikea and get one. I also didn’t want just a dresser. I wanted an antique dresser.

I fell in love with Drexel Mahogany furniture. I already had a nightstand/side table and I kept seeing these around on Craigslist and OfferUp.

There were various ones but I fell in love with this one:


It was about $250+tax+shipping. But I had to think about it since it was so expensive. I waited about a week and they had a 20% off sale. So I got it! It was $252.20 after everything.

I love it. It is super solid and made so well. It truly is like “they don’t make them like they used to.”


Here it is after I got it home. It has been moved since the photo was taken.

I really can’t get over how much I love my antique pieces in my house.

One of my friends told me I was like an addict jonesing for furniture. “Got any more of those antiques?!”