Office Closet Storage Organization

I have been going crazy with our guest room/office/storage room. We couldn’t figure out what to do with the room, how to organize it, or even where to start.

In the typical Kate way, I decided I wanted to get a closet organizer so I did a little research, went out that day and got the whole closet organization system.

The ones I had found on Storables and other websites were around $600 for what I needed.

I found this one at Home Depot (including the second shelving unit shown in below pictures) for about $350 including the drawers.

This is from Home Depot

I knew I wanted more shelving than garment racks because I knew the room was more storage/office and less guest room.

Here is the transition from junk closet to organized closet.

I wanted nice cream storage boxes. I HATED all the ones I found in 5+ stores and online.

They were either all wicker or all V shaped rather than square.

Both of these are from Amazon 1 and 2.

I finally went to Loews and found these:

They also had 2 other matching ones in different sized. Lowes.

Here is the photo of it all together.


It is so much cleaner and organized now.

Inside Scoop – Business Cards

The Inside Scoop – Business Cards

What goes on behind the scenes of Real Estate

All agents MUST leave their business card at any home that is currently on the market.

This isn’t even a fourth of what I normally see in Seattle homes for sale.

The reason for this is to let homeowners and listing agents know who has been in the home so they can be contacted if needed.
If we forget to leave a card, as soon as possible either email, call, or text the listing agent with your contact information.
If you remember but ran out of cards you can either email listing agent or write your info on a scrap piece of paper (or on the back of another agent’s card).